Wider determinants of health

Wider determinants of health



This is the average weekly income in 2021 for Oldham



The employment rate for 16-64 year-olds in 2021/22 for Oldham



The rate (per 100,000) of hospital admissions as a result of violence (2020/21)



The percentage of overcrowded households (2018/19)

Air Quality

  • 5.6% of deaths in Oldham for those aged 30+ are attributable to air pollution. This is similar to the average rate across England of 5.3% (2016).
Source: PHOF (Wider Determinants)

Outdoor space

  • In Oldham, 19.1% of people use outdoor space for exercise of health reasons. This is above the average rate across England of 17.9% (March 2015- February 2016).
 Source: PHOF (Public Health Profiles)

  • 8.8% of Oldham adults walk for travel at least three days per week, lower than the average in England 15.1%
  • 0.5% of Oldham adults cycle for travel at least three days per week, lower than the England average 2.3%  (2019/20)
 Source: PHOF (Wider Determinants - Natural & Built Environment)


  • 6.9% of households are overcrowded. This is higher than the average rate in England of 3.0% (2018/19).
Source: English Housing Survey (2018/19)


  • 68.1% of Oldham children achieve a 'good level of development' by the end of reception year. This is lower that the average in England of 71.8% (2018/19).
 Source: PHOF (Wider Determinants of Health)

Income, Employment & Skills

  • The average weekly earnings are £441.40. This is lower than England's average of £496.00 (2021).
  • 36.2% of children live in relative low income families. This is nearly double the national figure at 18.5% (2020/21)
  • 22.7% of areas (7 wards) in Oldham are among the 10% most deprived areas in England (2019).
 Source: Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (Relative Low Income)

  • Levels of employment in Oldham are consistently below the national average. The latest data shows Oldham's employment rate is 66.4% for those aged 16-64 and the national employment rate is 75.4% (2021/22)
Source: ONS - Annual Population Survey

All Age Unemployment
  • Levels of unemployment in Oldham are historically higher than the national average. The current rate in Oldham is 6.5% which is nearly double the national rate of 3.8% whilst the Oldham rate is much higher there are significant variations across the different wards. (2021/22)
Youth Unemployment
  • There is a similar trend with Youth Unemployment where the current rate is 9% in Oldham compared to 4.6% nationally.
Source: DWP

  • In Oldham, the rate of hospital admissions as a result of violence is 72.9 per 100,000. This is higher than the rate in England of 41.9 per 100,000 (2018/19-2020/21)

    Source Hospital Episode Statistics (HES)


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